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KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West live in Bratislava 25 March 2010

KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West live in Bratislava 25 March 2010
Kevin Costner & Modern West + guests Bendik, Chodśr, Šmajda
Date: 25 March 2010, 19.00 h

Czechoslovak Superstars at one stage with Kevin Costner! The organizers of this unique concert of the film megastar Kevin Costner prepared several surprises. Along with the Oscar-winning singer and his band, the Bratislava Chamber Orchestra will present the CzechoSlovakian Superstars! For the first time since the end of the TV madness come together on stage two of the best singers of the historically first CzechoSlovakian Superstar. And with Kevin Costner!!! The March concert Kevin Costner finally become the perfect action for the whole family. The young talents perfectly complements the laid-back country rock through which the new Kevin Costner and gaining new fans around the world.
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