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Flamenco – Sueño Eterno, 31 March 2010

Flamenco – Sueño Eterno
31 March 2010, Flamenco – Sueño Eterno, 19:00
- evening full of flamenco and Spanish temperament with various forms of merger
- Ad Astra Musica presents "Sueño Eternal", inspired by a Spanish folk song, flame, classic ... This evening you will be a witness of the virtuoso performances of dancers and musicians who created a magic fusion of different forms and themes.
- Cast: Flaco de Nerja, a great guitarist, a Spanish newspaper Diario MALAGA characterized as a unique virtuoso and composer!
- Dance: Sandra La Chispa (flamenco) and Michael Motlochová (fusion of jazz and character dance and classical technique), Dino de Valeria (cajon and percussion), Andrea Dudášová (opera singer)
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