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Day of the Gladiator VII - Golem Fight Night, 26 March 2010

Day of the Gladiator VII - Golem Fight Night
Date: 26 March 2010, 19:00

Already seventh continuation of this prestigious sporting event in March this year. This time, we have prepared for you a real delicacy in combat sports. You will see the best wrestling from Slovakia, as the "King of Slovak Heavyweight MMA" Ilja Škondrič who will contend for a prestigious world title "Gladiator" against Pedro Galizovi (Top Team Brazil - Expert Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian), which is the current holder as such, further Attila Végh and Ivan Buchinger, who go fight for the European title Gladiator, Matúš Mečár presenting the return match against the Polish representatives and the youngest representative in CZE Ultimate Wrestling (12 years), while the bronze at the World Grappling Tournament 2009 Christian "The Snake" Bartek, who will also contend for the European title "Gladiator" against the representative from Netherlands. Under the rules of K-1 will be the title of Gladiator Ivan Godor. Viewers will be able to see the pyramid under the rules of K-1 to 93 kg in weight with excellent participation by the individual and of course other matches K-1 Rules and MMA.
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