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Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling

Imagine that you are a sumo wrestler inside a small arena and you have to fight not just against your oponent but you struggle with your own big size and weight...We will suit you inside thick sumo suits in which you will look like a real sumo wrestler in a minute.

Sumo wrestling is a great entertainment at any event. Lots of comic situations may occur during the wrestling. Hence this is a very popolar and attractive amusement for both wrestlers and spectators. Our sumo wrestling is a safe activity as people wrestle on soft mats and wear protection helmets. Round mat is 3 ½ metres long in diameter.

Aim of the sumo wrestling is either to push the opponent out of the ring or make him fall on the ground first. Each wrestling session may consist of several rounds unlike real sumo match, that often last just a few seconds.

Aproximately up to 20 people can manage to try out sumo wrestling in an hour, 150 in a day.
This attraction comes supervised by our assistant who will help you putting on and off the sumo suits and also performs a referee during your wrestling sessions.

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