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Paintball belongs to one of the fastest growingg sports worldwide. It is a great opportunity to enjoy adrenaline excitement while shooting at other people from real-looking paintball weapons while they shoot at you Paintballs will splash into semi-liquid colour when they hit the person or an object. Paintball is a simulation of real action combat, which can be seen in so many movies.

You will get to know your level of fear, your attitude to adventure and taking chances. Dont worry, paintball does not hurt as other might say. It is a matter of wearing proper gear and following few simple rules for protction. Paintball is not more dangerous than playing football or tennis.

You will experience very real combat situations, battle full of surprises, turn-overs, tactical maneuvers and go through various military scenarios.

Quality Military Paintball

BFA provides quality military paintball which is very different from standard kind of boring paintball fields or speedball arenas. "Military" means, that we provide all players with original army camouflage overall suits, they wear chest, knee, hands and neck protection and protecting paintball helmet and use replicas of real guns like AK-47, M4, M16, MP5, sniper rifles etc. All our paintball weapons have military design, there are also lighter versions for women. Our paintball arena is all designed in military style, half of which is a real wood with many natural looking objects and small buildings. A typical paintball session last about 2-4 hours.

Our paintball field is and ideal place for playing paintball, there are many trees, part of it are few small wooden buildings, and more than 80 objects can be used to hide behind on its 120 x 80 m size. Up to 30 people can play on the field at one time. Spectators and hit players are gathered in a safe zone, behind protecting nets. There are bunkers, sniper posts, hiding places, trees and objects of all kinds, even an old car.

For your comfort and best fun our staff is always available to you to service all weapons, gear, ammunition and doing a referee. You can play various military scenarios in our fieled as :

conquering or deffending territory
capture the flag“ or capture the enemy flag and defend your own
elimination of all enemies
escort of VIP person into safety (or get the VIP person)

get the sniper“ (or bring sniper home“)
playing while smoke grenade is on
deffend the buildings or clear the buildings

dead match“ or „chicken run“

 Paintball at corporate events and team building

We will gladly provide paintball games with all neccessary equipment and gear on our premises in Čierna Voda, natural forest. If you have your own appropriate place for playing paintball (wood, meadow, filled up with some objects, we may come to your premises too. We have 28 full gear sets available for 28 players playing at the same time and some other can be added if you will require it.
Paintball is an ideal activity for team building, as success in paintball strongly depends on proper communication between individual members and proper coordination. A compatible and well organized team has a better chance for fighting the other team. Also paintball game discloses fear, level of responibility of members, leadership skills, entire team spirit and determination to contribute to success of the team or negligence instead.

Bigger events with more attractions

At our field, you can do BBQ after the game or we can provide a proper quality catering. Also if you have a really big group, we can provide any of our other fun activities (archery, aiguns, airsoft etc) at the same time, our field is quite big and many attraction can be realized simultaneously.

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