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Crossbow shooting

Crossbow shooting

Crossbow shooting

A crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles, often called bolts or simply arrows. It was created in the Mediterranean and in China separately in order to protect fortresses against enemy as a precise and deadly weapon. Probably everybody has already heard about the most famous crossbow shooter William Tell. Crossbows are used today primarily for target shooting and hunting, are much easier to learn to shoot accurately compared to bows.

Crossbow shooting has many forms and there are different types of crossbows we offer you for events:

Modern hunting crossbow - Crossbow made of metalbody, wooden stock and aiming sight with strength of 60 pounds is ideal for non-professionals. This crossbow is very nice designed and very accurate. People shoot from various distances up to 20 metres on color targets or pictures of animals or 3D animals like with bows. Each shot has a certain hit-score so there can also be a contest among the participants or groups. The crossbow is easy to draw, light to carry and suitable for men or women. There is always one of our shooting instructors assisting the shooters. This crossbow can be used in indoor asi t is very precise at short distance.

Traditional medieval crossbow - Enjoy shooting with traditional crossbow designed after real medieval weapon as a shootable medieval replica. Traditional wooden bolts (arrows) with feathers and circle straw target create a real medieval shooting atmosphere. This activity can be realized in indoor premises as well, there is a special protection net which stops all missed arrows. Shooting instructor is there.

Modern compound crossbow - is very similar to hunting crossbow, its easy to learn to shoot accurately, its a very precise crossbow.

Pistol crossbow - This crossbow is similar to previous crossbows except that you hold it in one hand as a pistol and aim the same way like a revolver. It is little smaller and accurate, arrows are much smaller. Only targets can be shoot with this type of crossbow. Also shooting instructor is present.

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