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Professional archery lessons

Archery is one of the oldest human activities which has evolved from pure hunting, through its use as fighting force up to the modern olympic sport and regular club shooting. Archery is a royal sport full of elegance which requires and fosters harmony of body and spirit. In Slovakia it is still considered as a new and untraditional sport, there are still only few archery clubs and real shooting possibilities, though its potential might approach golf one day, which is in fact very similar sport in many aspects. Archery itself has many forms and various competition categories, different types of bows contained in three main categories : traditional bows, olympic bows and compound bows. It is definitely the right activity for those who enjoy aiming and shooting the centre of the target and are fascinated by an ellegant arrow flight.

Sport events for groups

Archery is an ideal entertaining activity at any corporate event or company party. We will bring this beautiful sport nearer to your managers, employees or business partners on a special company occasions in a professional and entertaining way . Our shooting assistants are members of our archery club, so they provide you with a basic archery training, explaining you various aspects of proper shooting and teach you how to perform different shooting styles. We guarantee that all participants will be better archers after the course and will enjoy great and memorable experiencies.We train people to shoot at distance up to 8 meters (or sometimes even more). We have different types of bows, for both left – or right-handed people, for men, women or children, so each shooter will shoot proper bow according his or her physical parameters. Also we provide you all neccessary equipment, protection gear, competition targets or animal targets and arrow stands. Archery is a super leisure activity for anybody at any age.

Archery and teambuilding

Archery may be organized as a funny teambuilding activity for team members of the company, especially when there are at least two teams available to challenge each other in shooting arrows on competition targets. Each arrow of each member is important for the success, but the performance of the team as a whole is supreme. Some member may shoot better, some worse, but the final result is done by the entire team like in the work process. Archery will disclose level of cooperation of the team members and quality of relationships in the team, both formal and informal. Also it will show how the team is able to cope with sucsess or losses, or naturally dislose real leaders in the team. It will also disclose real devotion, passion and participation of each team-member to his/her own team and moreover his/her determination to give its best to the team in order to get success as a team.Archery competition - We can provide competition for teams or individuals after the shooting practice with our assistants. Once people are ready to shoot a contest, there can be a qualification first (for example 5 arrow will count) followed by elimination, lets say 3 arrows. (like at tenis tournament). Winners may be awarded with medals, cups or golden plated archery statues.


3D archery at animal shooting course - 3D archery is a simulation of hunting animals with bows, performed in groups like in the past... HAVE FUN is the first and only provider of 3D commercial archery for public in Slovakia. We will gladly prepare for you a 3D shooting course containing of 12 real-sized and real-looking animal targets either on our field in Čierna Voda anytime in the year or we may come anywhere you wish to temporarily built up a 3D archery course for the particular event. ( Most suitable places are woods and terrains with trees and the activity must be first agreed with the owner or authority owning the premises )

How the 3D archery looks like ? First there is a proper shooting practise at short distances and our assistants will give short individual lesson to each participant, so she/he is confident enough to shoot at animal targets at longer distances too. The training lasts about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on count of participants and instructors and prepareness of shooters to enter the 3D course. People are divided into several groups, each having 4 to10 members which is lead by 1 archery instructor during the time on the course.There may be up to 4 groups attending the course at the same time accompanied by up to 4 shooting instructors. After all the people of the group have shot their arrows on the target and the results are written down into charts, the group moves from the finished animal target to another one. Targets and place of shooting may be placed in any terrain (like up the hill or shooting down the hill or over the water etc.) Targets may be up to a hundred meters far from each other, depending on wish of the participants. Each shot into the animal target has its hit-score according to the distance of the arrow from the heart. The aim is to shoot the highest score. Shooter or a team with the highest score is the winner of the contest. The course may also be attended in two rounds, if there is enough time for the activity. 3D Archery is a great leisure and entertaining activity for team buildings. All people stay in the nature all the time, they do not get exhausted by shooting many arrows and definitely experience something very new, enjoyable and relaxing. 3D course may be attended with crossbows too.


INDOOR Archery - We are able to provide archery or crossbow shooting even in indoor premises (if there is enough room for shooting). All we need for setting up indoor archery atraction is a space of 3 x 7 meters. There is no need for concerns that walls or property may be damaged as we always install special independent protection nets behind the targets that stop any missed arrows. Therefore bow shooting is a safe and nice activity even during the winter. If you do not have your own place for shooting, we may find it for you.


Forms of archery we offer you


Olympic recurve bow shooting at competition targets

We provide you with accurate modern bows and arrows for men and women with aiming sights. Bows vary in drawing weight so each shooter may be equipped with the right bow according to her or his physical parameters. We also have bows for left handed shooters. Archers shoot into the foam target on a wooden stand to which a competition target is attached. All neccessary protection gear, arrows and arrow holders are available as well as assistance of our shooting instructors.


Traditional bow shooting at traditional straw targets
This is a simulation of a medieval archery, shooting with traditional longbows or hungarian bows, tartar bows. The shooting outfit comprise of traditional bow, wooden arrows with natural feathers, and leather traditional protection gear . You can shoot at either foam target stand or on a natural straw onto which a paper target is attached. We train people to shoot a traditional shooting style – hunter´s style.

Compound bow shooting
Compound bow is and individual shooting discipline which has evolved from recurve bows. Compound bow is a shooting somewhere between bow and crossbow. In some facts, it is closer to crossbows due to its modern mechanical devices and accessories, which make it a very precise and easy to learn shooting or hunting weapon. When drawing string on a compound bow, the strength decreases rapidly and shooter is less strained and can aim longer and better and hold the bow steady fo longer time. There is also a releasing device which definitely makes the release clearer compared to opening fingers at recurve bows. Compound bow that we have is good for strong men or women, it is much easier to learn than recurve bows. Shooting instructor assisting the shooter is a must.

Archery + crossbows = Ideal combination for any event