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 We all have our own idea of a dream holiday. Which one is the one you and your fellows prefer?

If your dreams are about experiences, adrenalin, fun, dayor nightactivities, in the water or in the air, let us know what you like and we will try to fulfil your dream holiday wishes.

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For shooting fans, we offer shooting with airsoft replicas of real-looking weapons, rifles and pistols. You may get the same feeling as shooting with real weapons, as the size and weight and even its accuracy is similar to real weapons.
We provide a professional portable airsoft shooting range with target stands where you can shoot up to 20 metres standing or lying on a carpet. Targets we provide are:

paper (airguns) competition targets (for shooting at 10 metres)

real size paper figurines with hit score marks on head and heart (20 metres)

small paper figurines (at 10 metres)

cans or plastic botlles (see the hit right away ,its lot of fun shooting them down)

funny pictures, like your boss or a politician, etc.

Airsoft shooting range comes always supervised by our shooting instructor who assists with airsoft weapons, helps reloading, gives shooting instructions, changes targets and look after safety needed to provide you best experience at airsoft shooting. Shooters wear protective glasses.

Airsoft is a very relaxing, attractive, safe and enjoyable activity, can be done at our field or anywhere you wish, OUTDOOR or even INDOOR.

Airsoft machine weapons that you see in the pictures are: russian AK-47 and american rifle M4.

Hand gas propelled airsoft pistol that you see is a Sig Sauer P226 replica, which is also very precise and also simulates the blow-back feeling as the real 9mm weapon. You may shoot at big or small paper manikin targets or cans in a row.

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