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 We all have our own idea of a dream holiday. Which one is the one you and your fellows prefer?

If your dreams are about experiences, adrenalin, fun, dayor nightactivities, in the water or in the air, let us know what you like and we will try to fulfil your dream holiday wishes.

Write to us - this is a space for you!

Airguns shooting range

Airguns shooting range

Have fun with airguns shooting at competition paper targets or paper figurines. We provide 3 long accurate airgun rifles with scopes and 2 short airgun pistols, so 5 people can shoot at one momment. This attraction is fully proffessional, in order to provide you enjoyable shooting experience.

Our instructor is aways there to assist you with shooting, servicing all airguns and targets. Shooters wear protection glasses while shooting.

You may shoot standing, kneeing or lying on a carpet. There is a wooden support desk for lying position, onto which you can put a rifle or your hand to carry out stable and accurate shots.

We also have a biathlon flopping-target, which has 5 black centers and after the hit, the center will turn white. We can also prepare a super summer biathlon competition for you. (See other fun attractions)

Team building and airguns

Airgun shooting can be performed anywhere Outdoor, or even Indoor. We can also organize a shooting competition for you, both for individuals or teams.

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