Space for your Dreams

 We all have our own idea of a dream holiday. Which one is the one you and your fellows prefer?

If your dreams are about experiences, adrenalin, fun, dayor nightactivities, in the water or in the air, let us know what you like and we will try to fulfil your dream holiday wishes.

Write to us - this is a space for you!

Assistance Service

Assistance Service
Most of the visitors are coming to Bratislava for a relatively short period. Our assistants are happy to offer you assistance to make the most of your stay. During your visit they will help you to get orientated, provide you with some inspirational ideas, information and advice where to go, what to see and what not to be missed!

Asistent package:

Funny weekend.
Whole weekend? Lucky you!!!
Our assistants will accompany you through your day and night activities, they will be there for you to help you to enjoy you stay, to provide you with useful information, advice, assistance to have a great fun the whole weekend!!!!

Price: 500 euro per weekend.
Min 6 persons .

Funny day .
24 hours of fun!!!
In case you have got one day to enjoy yourself we offer you our assistance to make the most of the 24 hours!

Price: 250 euro per day

Individual package.
For individual visitors or small groups up to 4 persons we are happy to assist you to enjoy activities or see places according to your requirements.

Price: 12 euro / per hour / per person

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